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RTB4FREE Demand Side Platform

Notice-1, RTB4FREE is not affected by the Log4J Console issue.

*** Notice-2, RTB4FREE is now based on Java 17. If you want to use Java 11, use the J11 branch.

A mostly complete, open source advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP). Completely "Dockerized" and uses well known open source tools. Contains 3 major components:

  • OpenRTB Real Time Bidder: Written in Java 1.17 and implements RTB v 2.8.
  • Campaign Manager: React based campaign manager for controlling campaigns. Uses Postgres for database operations.
  • Data Management Platform: A DMP developed with Elastic Search, Logstash, and Kibana.

Note, current improvements are ongoing, the code can change without notice.

OpenRTB Engine 2.8

OPENRTB Bidding engine (2.8) in Java 1.17. Supports banner, native, audio and video ads. Try the stand-alone bidder in your environment using Docker-Compose in your environment:

Campaign Manager

Try the React-based stand-alone campaign manager in your environment using Docker-Compose:

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform (DMP) provides campaign and system analytics with the ELK Stack, Try the stand-alone DMP in your environment using Docker-Compose:

Kubernetes Deployments

Deploy your DSP in your environment, or in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Previous Version

The old RTB4FREE website is located at Old Website

The source for the previous version (not supported) is located here: Old Source Code


Currently, there are a couple of holes in the current implementation to be aware of:

  1. Kubernetes Deployments are incomplete. If you have an AWS deployment you want to share with us, that would be awesome. We will attempt to get a better handle on this in a future major release.

  2. Accounting reports in Kibana don't exist. We rely on Elastic Search for storing win records. We currently don't have any account level reports available in Kibana. We will focus on this in a future major release.

  3. Multi-tenant support is 90% there, but there are still some holes in it.

Hiring Us

People try to hire us to work on their various projects. Info about hiring us is located here


Our Mailing Address:

Jacamars Inc. 3820 Del Amo Blvd #226 Torrance, CA 90503